BlackBear develops and produces all goaly equipment ourself. And that pays off in the field.

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Meeting BlackBear

Door Pia de Wolf. Keepersschool PI-Academie op 16 August 2017

Just a little while ago I saw the products of BlackBear for the first time. After years of experience with different goalkeeping materials, I was immediately impressed by the materials I got. The things that struck my eye were the following: - The design is well thought out and improves upon the current materials on the market. -You can really see that a (former) goalkeeper has translated his years of experience into the design. For instance, the way the straps of the kickers are hidden in the kickers to ensure comfort, but at the same time they are easy to swap for newer ones. - The material is smooth, which makes slidings easier. - The final product is neatly finished off, which decreases the chance of quickly wearing off. - It is a great value for your money, making it possible to provide goalies of every level with a kit that boosts confidence. I'm fully convinced that in the future even more hockey clubs will profit from the products of BlackBear.