BlackBear develops and produces all goaly equipment ourself. And that pays off in the field.

Read other goaly experiences with BlackBear equipment below. Have you experienced BlackBear equipment yourself? We are happy to hear your story. Please send in your experience by using the form at the bottom of the page.

Black Bear Tastic!

Door Trevor Hart (lid van Dereham, Norfolk UK) op 29 November 2019

My son loves his Black Bear kit! We have purchased for him the helmet, smock, water bottle, leg guards and kickers. He plays for Dereham ( town in Norfolk UK) under 12’s and everyone loves the look, they call him the ‘green machine’!!! Next purchase is the hand guards! Keep up the good work

Great product

Door Robert Jan Vermeulen (lid van HDM) op 9 May 2018

Just by wearing a kit of BlackBear our son got wings defending his goal! Add up the great service and you've got a great product! 

Great alternative

Door Joost Goudsmit (lid van hdm) op 8 May 2018

I offered some sets to the youth teams (U10 and U12). To this day they still hold up just fine. In addition to that BlackBear offers good service and the straps of the kickers are easily replaceable. 

Equipment manager

Door Jos Burkx (lid van BNMHC Zwart-Wit) op 8 May 2018

Great materials at a good price. BlackBear can surely compete with their bigger competitors. There hasn't been a complete depreciation cycle yet, but the quality doesn't come up short in any way against the bigger brands. If you ask me, a great alternative that in addition, with the cool branding and striking colours, also looks great! 


Top product

Door Robert Jan Vermeulen (lid van HDM) op 8 May 2018

Only wearing the goalkeeper outfit from BlackBear gave our son wings in the goal! Add quality and personal service and you have a Top! product.


Goalkeeper veteran team, goalkeeper coach youth, equipment manager.

Door Peter Heukels (lid van Hockey Club Blerick) op 7 May 2018

Last season I found out about BlackBear Goaly materials. I gave them a call and we immediately got 2 fully complete sets to try out at the training, EXCELLENT. For the younger players we got a Bhalu set and for the older A and B youth we got a Racoon set. After using each set for about an hour we asked what the goalies thought of the sets. These were really positive, and therefore I immeddiately ordered some sets. At this time we are using the sets and they hold up just fine! The finishing and fit are great. The service is also great, your questions and advice are being answered quickly. For a smaller hockey club the value is really important. The usual goaly brands aren't always an option because they are way too expensive. That's why I fully recommend the products of BlackBear Goaly Armor. 

By goalies, for goalies.

Door Mary-Ann Govers (lid van [:nl]BH&BC Breda[:en]BH&BC Breda[:]) op 5 September 2017

My son Mick got the oppurtunity to use BlackBear Goaly Armor even before it was on the market. What stands out is how well the materials and different details are thought out. Firm, comfortable, easy to make a sliding with, great rebound and easily replaceable parts. And just as important... an excellent personal service where BlackBear is always eager to hear about your suggestions and improvements. BlackBear Goaly Armor is goaly material that is designed with passion. For goalies, by goalies! 


Door Brigitte Duffhues (lid van Breda) op 24 August 2017

For the past year Matilde has been defending her goal in BlackBear Goaly gear. The kit is solid, flexible and is excellent for goalkeeping. Relative to BlackBears competitor, the materials are better and much more flexible. Details are well thought-out! It isn't hard to notice that real goalies played hand in developing these products. We recommend every one to use BlackBear products. 

Recommendation BlackBear

Door Marc Klijn (lid van HC Breda) op 17 August 2017

After years of seeing young goalies at HC Breda defending their goal with unfitting protective gear, BlackBear finally is able to offer materials with a great fit. This helps with a great deal moving and therefore will fuel the enthousiasm amongst younger goalies. The cool look of the kit also adds to this. The products of BlackBear are solid and robust and won't wear out quickly. All in all I believe that the products of BlackBear are a great addition to the fairly closed field hockey market. Many clubs will profit from BlackBear as a financially tempting alternative to TK and OBO. It may be clear that I fully recommend BlackBear to every hockey club. 

Marc Klijn, former field hockey player at Breda and Zwart-Wit H1, current staff H1 at HC Breda and coach of youth teams. Also a father of a goalie playing at top level. 

I believe in BlackBear

Door Rene lepelaar (lid van HC Etten Leur) op 17 August 2017

I was involved in the setting up of BlackBear from the very beginning. After a great deal of inventarisation, product development and testing, the current legguards and goalie gear are worthy of production. The favorable value and good look make me believe in BlackBear as new player in the field hockey market.  After testing BlackBear products, the providers of materials at HC Etten-Leur have decided to add BlackBear to their assortment of protective gear. The warranty conditions, low purchase price and the belief in its own product are strong sales arguments. Needless to say that I am more than willing to be associated with the materials of BlackBear.  Of course, there is stuff that can be improved and there is the ambition to present a top of the notch product-line that can compete with OBO. A strong logo and the already excellent website are of  great value to marketing and building a brand.  Me, being a former goalie for H1 Breda and trainer of goalies at many clubs, believe in BlackBear. 

René Lepelaar goalie and trainer in heart and soul. 

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