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BlackBear goaly armor makes the difference!

Each goaly has his/her own style and therefore different needs. Through the developing of different
product lines BlackBear is able to offer all goalies a kit that will fit their needs and make sure they
feel comfortable on the field.

The three product lines of BlackBear are:
– Bhalu – This line is aimed toward goalies that don’t play hockey at the top, or teams that
don’t have a full-time goaly. This product line provides a comfortable, stylish and, most
importantly, safe kit with a limited amount of rebound, providing the best control over the
– Racoon – Made for the experienced and determined goaly. The legguards have a special
finish which provide better rebounds and slidings.
– Grizzly – The topline of BlackBear. Designed for goalies playing in the top-teams. This line
provides even more protection from the legguards and kickers, providing a good rebound
and just like the other lines; a comfortable fit.

Everything needed for training
The training of a goaly requires action and challenge. With the specialised training materials from
BlackBear a training is exciting and varied. In the ‘shop’ you can find an extensive range of materials
for hockey clubs. From practise goals to whistles for the referee.

BlackBear warranty
We aim to have 100 percent happy customers and users of our products. However, if there is a
product that doesn’t meet your expectations, we will take it back and provide a full refund up to a
year after purchase.
If there are manufacturing or bonding defects, the warranty is two years. If by normal use the glue
entirely and irreparably separates or when there is damage that can’t be fixed as a result of
manufacturing defects, we will immediately replace the product by a new piece.

EU Declaration of Conformity

(Regulation 2016/425)

 The Personal Protective Equipment for Field Hockey goalkeepers that have been manufactured by or under the supervision of BlackBear BV Netherlands. ). Are in conformity with applicable health and safety requirements of Annex II of EU Regulation 2016/425. Equipment is in full or partly compliance with related harmonized standards EN 13546:2002+A1:2007 or Annex IV Module A for Category I products. Based on our internal production controls these products are identical to product models tested and certified under EU type-examination certification by ITC Zlin Czech Republic. Notified body 19 0391.

CE Type Examination certificate:

CE Type certificate Bhalu

CE Type certificate Racoon

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