Order and delivery

Ordering and delivery

Shipping costs


€   6,50

Free from

€ 50


€   6,50

Free from

€ 50

Germany and Austria


€  6,50

Free from

€ 50


€   9,68

Free from

€ 75


€ 108,90



Delivery times

We transport all packages via Myparcel and the PostNL network. Your order will generally be shipped within 24 hours. This can be 48 hours during holiday periods or during busy periods

Return package

The BlackBear warranty conditions apply to all BlackBear products. See “products & warranty”.

For exchange or return, because the product does not meet your expectations, the return costs are for you. If something went wrong on our part during the delivery of your order, the return costs are for our account. To return your product, first contact BlackBear.

Tel: 0031 (0) 765652434

Email: sales@blackbeargoaly.com

Return handling

After we have received your return package, we will usually process your request within 3 working days. Please note that during the peak season and holiday periods, processing may take longer.

When returning the complete order we will charge the full purchase amount