keeper field hockey

Undeniably the most important player on the pitch; the goalkeeper. He or she is the trusted last
defense that prevents the opponent from scoring a point. Being this last defense, there can’t be a
moment of doubt before making a move. Lack of confidence or the quality of their kit, is not
permitted in goalkeeping. Their kit should be firm and completely dependable. Even the fastest and
most unexpected balls to their kit shouldn’t be painful. Therefore, a good kit is priceless for every
field hockey goalkeeper.

A good kit for every field hockey goaly
This wisdom was discovered by BlackBear a long time ago. At the same time we saw that many
hockey clubs struggled to source good materials for their goalies. It is no secret that these materials
indeed do not come cheap. As a result many goalies are defending their goal with old, ill-fitting and
bad protection. Not only unpleasant for the goaly but also not safe, this should be changed!

Everything a goaly can ask for
At BlackBear we value well-designed and high-quality protection for the goaly. The continuous
development of hockey calls for continuous development of hockey gear. We at BlackBear think it’s
important to keep ahead of those developments. We control the production and the aftersales
service, this way we can act immediately when adjustments are needed. After all the goaly is our
main point of attention!
We offer everything a goaly could ask for. By having different product lines we are able to give each
goaly exactly what he or she needs, without emptying out their wallets. Our broad collection
includes, among many other things, clothing, legguards, kickers, goaly sticks and bags.
If there are any further questions or you would like some more information about one of our
products, don’t hesitate to contact us at BlackBear! We love to help you!