Field hockey shop

BlackBear Goaly Armor; a new field hockey shop. We are the producer and only sales point of
BlackBear Goaly products. In our web shop you can find high-quality and affordable materials for
goalies, trainers and field hockey clubs.
All BlackBear products are solely sold in our web shop. This is important because we want to be able
to manage the whole process of designing, making and selling each piece of gear. This way we can
guarantee a reasonable price for all our products.

Good protection for every field hockey player

BlackBear is set up after hearing all the problems field hockey goalies, trainers and clubs face by
trying to buy materials. Those materials are expensive and therefore clubs can’t buy everything
needed to provide everyone with good gear. This way safety of goalies wasn’t number one priority.

A goaly should be defending their goal with full confidence. A good kit plays a big roll in this feeling of
confidence. After all, this protection is what stops the ball. BlackBear Goaly Armor designed their
own gear especially for these goalies. Providing goalies and hockey clubs with quality protective gear.
Because we at BlackBear are big advocates of having each goaly play in a safe and comfortable kit.

A new player in the field of Dutch hockey

At BlackBear we think it is very important to follow every development being made in the world of
field hockey. Therefore we like to do everything ourselves, this way we can offer the best price for all
materials. Designing, production and selling, all those things!
All the products you could ever need for setting up a good training or playing a good match can be
found in our web shop. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We love to
answer your questions about our products.

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