Hockey field

Every trainer has the same goal; have their players perform the best they can. Solid and reliable
training materials that is versatile in use is something that can help achieve this goal faster. However,
it isn’t that easy for trainers to find good materials. Often materials available are worn out or broken.
And above all, goalies are often given a kit that doesn’t fit them or has already been worn too many
times. All these things combined do bring some trouble on the field.

The best achievements on the field
Often there are not enough training materials available resulting in players not being able to play
their best game. To trainers there’s nothing that’s a bigger disappointment, players and goalies
should be able to grow and defective and limited training materials shouldn’t be causing this.
With this in mind, we set up BlackBear Goaly. We took notice of the problems that existed on the
pitch and got feedback of trainers about how hard is was to obtain good training materials. Often the
materials are too expensive. BlackBear Goaly provides trainers with affordable and high quality

Materials for every playing level

In the meantime we as BlackBear Goaly have proved that these problems belong to the past! We
have researched what it is that trainers, goalies and hockey clubs need. With that knowledge we
developed every product that could be needed in a training.
We have not only focused on training materials, but we have also focused for a great deal on the
hockey goaly. After all this player of great importance has to be confident in order to be able to stop
every chance of a goal the opponent has. For this player in particular we have designed three
different product lines that meet all the requirements for every goaly.
Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We love to help you find the right materials. It is even
possible to ask us to demo our materials at your hockey club. This way you can see and experience
the quality products BlackBear Goaly has to offer.

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