Field hockey gear

Every field hockey player, whether they are a goaly or a field player, knows that clothing has to be
comfortable in order to play at full potential. Clothing for field hockey has to be made from highquality
materials, have a precise fit and of course, be made out of durable materials. When you take
consideration of all those requirements, BlackBear has got what you need!
Our training and goaly materials have the potential to start a revolution in the field of comfort whilst
playing. It is too often that goalies have to defend their goal in ill-fitting and worn material. This isn’t
encouraging the game in any way. After all a goaly can only achieve greatness when he or she can
trust his/her kit. With inadequate materials there is no way a goaly can unlock his/her full potential.

Professional materials are of decisive importance
To make sure the goaly can perform optimally, BlackBear developed three different product lines.
This way we are able to offer goalies playing on any possible level gear of the highest quality. All our
materials meet up to high quality requirement and thus contribute to the confidence of the goaly.
The full supply of hockey gear is available through the BlackBear Goaly web shop. Here you can find
our exclusive goaly materials, such as protective gear, goaly sticks, clothing and bags.

Meet the products of BlackBear Goaly
BlackBear Goaly is not just a manufacturer of field hockey goaly protection. Also trainers and field
hockey clubs can find what they need at BlackBear. Here you can find every piece of gear needed to
make your training more challenging and different each time.
We understand that you are now curious about our materials. When you want to take a look, we
would be happy to give a demonstration at your hockey club. This way you can experience how well
our products are fitted to the goaly needs. Forget an old and badly combined kit and choose for wellcrafted
materials of BlackBear Goaly!
Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a demonstration of our products. We are proud of what we
do and love to show you our products.