Field hockey equipment

Everyone with heart for field hockey knows that there isn’t anything more demotivating than having
to train with materials of bad quality. Surely you can imagine that it is of great importance for a goaly
to play in a safe and comfortable kit. This is why it’s weird that reality this often isn’t the case. Most
goalies often only have access to pieces that don’t fit or don’t belong together. This counteracts the

Affordable field hockey materials of BlackBear goaly Armor
The high costs involved in buying protective gear results in goalies that don’t have a fitting and
comfortable kit. Goalies and Hockey clubs often mention that they simply just don’t have enough
budget to purchase good materials.

This problem bothered us. Why is there still no solution to this problem? A goaly has to be safe, only
then will their performance be top notch. With this in mind we went out and explored what we could
offer to solve this problem. Our motto? Helping goalies to a comfortable and safe kit to raise their
confidence defending their goal. To do this, the materials should be affordable and look good!

Field hockey materials of high quality

With this idea in mind, we started BlackBear Goaly Armor. We developed protective gear for goalies
that is comfortable and fashionable. Our gear is safe, offers great protection and meets all quality
requirements. With the products of BlackBear Goaly Armor, you can defend your goal full of
Of course, every goaly is different. This is why we developed three different product lines. This way
there is always a kit that meets your desires and requirements as a goaly or trainer. Above all,
hearing from our customers is what makes our jobs even more fun and helps us to design even
better products. If you want a demo of our products, we would love to come around and show our
products to you. This way you can immediately experience the quality of our materials.
Do you have any other questions you’d like answered? Don’t hesitate to ask! Contact us and we will
gladly answer!

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