Field hockey goalies

It seems like stating the obvious, but for goalies nothing is more important than good materials. After
all a goaly can only defend his goal when safety isn’t something they have to worry about. Last years
a lot has been improved upon when talking about protective gear and safety.

Development and field hockey protection
About twenty years ago, hockey goalies were a lot less confident whilst defending their goal.
Materials that were used were far from safe and comfortable.
The materials used were heavy leather pads. This reduced movability and therefore made it less safe.
The hockey stick was made of wood and for a helmet they used what are nowadays corner masks.
Thanks to the developments made, we now have firm and lightweight materials that provide just
enough rebound to kick the ball back in the field without it hurting.

A great kit provides confidence

As stated above, almost nothing is more important than good protective gear. In reality however,
these words aren’t always put into actions. The main reason for this is that comfortable and safe gear
is expensive and often too expensive to fit in the budget of hockey clubs. Resulting in worn-out
pieces of gear being put together and given to the goaly. Goalies with such a kit certainly can’t
defend their goal with confidence.

Not only goalies want to change this, the hockey clubs also want to better conditions for their goalies
and purchase good material. BlackBear Goaly offers them a solution and provides them with great,
safe and comfortable gear for a reasonable price. Haven’t heard of all our amazing products? We
want to change this!

Products optimized for goalkeepers

It was obvious that there was a lot that BlackBear could add to the market of field hockey gear. We
asked ourselves questions and thought about answers. In the meantime we have found answers and
set up our own business in providing quality goaly materials for field hockey goalies.

Every goaly defends their goal at a different level in the competition, this is why we have three
unique product lines, making sure that every goaly will find what they need at BlackBear goaly

Are there still things you want to know about BlackBear Goaly and our different products? Take a
look in our web shop for a complete overview of all our products. If you have any further questions
after looking at our products, you can always contact us and ask away!

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