Hockey goalie equipment

Not a single goaly in the world doubts the importance of a solid and comfortable kit. Goalies need to
have lightning-fast reflexes and therefore can’t risk being hindered by an ill-fitted kit. And having a kit
that doesn’t give enough protection? That’s even worse! BlackBear is here to fix these main

A complete hockey goalie outfit
Field hockey goalies have a kit that consists of different parts. A goaly doesn’t only wear sporting
shoes, but also ‘kickers’. Kickers are lightweight, yet well-protecting foam protectors that fit over the
hockey shoes. Those kickers make it possible for the goaly to control the ball and kick it away and
back in the field. Above the kickers are legguards. Legguards are protectors for the shin and knees.
Legguards are made of the same material and serve the same purpose as kickers, controlling and
bouncing off the ball.

These are just the main parts of a goaly kit. But it isn’t complete without all the other protective gear.
Among those you have a groin guard, protective pants, a helmet, elbow pads, a body guard and some

The importance of good gear for the field hockey goalie

Everyone will understand that a field hockey goaly needs to have protection they can trust. Yet we
see that there are many goalies that don’t have access to the right materials. Many hockey clubs
state having trouble with the high prices involved in buying good materials. Resulting in goalies
defending their goal in an unsafe kit.

BlackBear Goaly came with a solution. When we saw all the difficulties clubs were having with
purchasing the right materials, we started to produce those materials ourselves. We developed three
different product lines with high-quality materials. By being involved in every part of the process
involved in designing, making and selling field hockey materials, we are able to keep the prices low.
Our products offer each goaly confidence in defending their goal and also a professional appearance.

Meet BlackBear goaly armor

All our products are available today for you to purchase in our web shop. Do you want to meet us
and our materials first? This is also possible! We are eager to give a demo at your club and to tell you
about our products. This way you can see all what is good about our products before making your

Interested in the demo mentioned above? Feel free to contact us and plan an appointment. Other
questions? Those are more than welcome too! We are proud of what we do and love to share with
you about our passion!

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