Field hockey goalie

Nothing is more important for a goaly than being able to defend the goal with confidence. After all,
the goaly could turn a match. With a perfect defense, you can’t lose. That is why feeling safe is
important and quality protection is necessary.

How the goaly outfit came to be
Hockey is an age old sport and over the years the materials have developed quite a bit. Recently
these developments have accelerated. Not that long ago goalies had tasks that were limited to only
stopping the ball and making sure they didn’t give a rebound. Simply because the materials weren’t
good enough for performing such tasks.

Nowadays we often see goalies preventing a second scoring chance for the opponent by kicking the
ball away to the sideline with their kickers. This wasn’t how it always has been, not until the
protection, as we know it today, was developed.

The benefit of having protection

Lucky us, we do have great protection at our disposal. Especially with the arrival of BlackBear to the
market a lot of things have changed for the modern goalies. We focus on quality protection for the
hockey goaly. The last thing a goaly should worry about is his/her safety and be able to defend their
goal with a firm and comfortable outfit.
BlackBear helps goalies with getting such a kit. Everything you may need to defend your goal
confidently can be found in our web shop. After all, a quality kit can decide the fate of a game.

Playing field hockey well-protected

We aim to give every goaly a comfortable, well-fit kit. Our different product lines help in achieving
this. Every product line is specifically designed to meet the needs for goalies playing at a certain level.
Not only goalies, but also trainers and hockey clubs will find everything they need to make field
hockey even more fun!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are proud of what we do and love to answer your
questions and show you our products.

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