About BlackBear

BlackBear, a new brand for field hockey goaly gear


BlackBear is new. BlackBear is different. BlackBear is the brand of choice for every goaly!
BlackBear is a new player for field hockey goaly gear. Our goal is to provide you with a good, well
made, comfortable and affordable kit.
From years of experience we know that it isn’t customary that every goaly can defend his/her goal in
a kit that fits. Confronted with high financial costs of training and goaly materials, hockey clubs are
signaling that they have trouble to properly equip their goalies in the lower teams. Resulting in
goalies with ill-fitting, worn out kits, with colours that don’t match, unlike the field players that show
unity in their club colours. Undoubtedly resulting in unhappy goalkeepers. After all: a well-designed,
comfortable kit doesn’t only affect and improve the fun goalies have in the game, but
above all it will improve their skills!






Searching for a solution
‘’Is there a way we can do this differently? Can we do this better?’’ We have asked ourselves these
questions over and over. How can we provide goalkeepers with a well-fitting kit, that is both
affordable and stylish?
Out of this motivation we started BlackBear goaly armor. We will provide a complete kit designed for
the field hockey goalkeeper, made from sustainable, comfortable and stylish materials. We make
sure we are involved in every aspect of the designing process, from production and logistics, to
delivery of affordable kits to goalkeepers and hockey clubs.

Our important mission
With different product lines we are able to offer each goalkeeper a kit that will fit their needs. Above
all, the confidence and appearance of the goalkeeper plays a big role in the performance of a hockey
team. This confidence and appearance is just what BlackBear has to offer the goalkeepers!
The mission of BlackBear is to provide a kit to every goalkeeper that will make them feel proud and

Meet BlackBear
We love to share our enthusiasm about our products. Come to us to have a look or you can contact
us to give a demonstration at your club.

Share your ideas
At BlackBear we are eager to improve and develop our products. Learned by experience, we know
that the users of the materials, the goalkeepers, always have the best ideas for improving their gear.
With this in mind, we love to hear those innovative ideas!
If think you might have an idea that could be implemented in our designs, share it by sending us an
email! Needless to say that an implemented idea will be more than appreciated and, of course, rewarded!


BlackBear goaly armor® and the BlackBear logo are registered trademarks.